Monday, May 30, 2011

Absence and Thrift Stores

So, my original intent of posting on this blog fairly regularly has not yet occurred. Mostly because we don't have internet at our apartment, and we decide that we'd rather spend $40 a month on thrift store purchases, which is exactly what we did at the annual Saver's Memorial Day Special. 50% on all clothing and accessories. It was awesome.

Greg and I, due to our love of thrift stores want to incorporate our thrift store finds into this blog. So look forward to that. Even though we haven't been writing on here, we have been collecting photos for posts with our thrift store purchases. These posts will be intermingled with everyday life posts because, let's face it, thrift stores are a way of life for us. I work at one currently for goodness sakes! (You can only imagine what lunch breaks are like.)

XOXO to all!

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