Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home is Wherever I'm with You

Past Weekend
2 finals (Heather, 3 finals (Greg)
1 MSW party to attend
1 Hathawastill party to throw complete with homemade sodas
1 bridal shower to attend
1 Nelson-Smith shower to throw (cupcakes to make and decorate)
Doublebooking in Salt Lake leads to 7 mins at bridal shower and Chinese food at the Jenkins
2 batches of laundry to do
1 crazy Sunday family dinner to attend

Thank goodness I have such wonderfully helpful friends and family to help me get through both days of intense party planning and throwing.

This Week
Take those finals
Mason's birthday party Monday night
Pack up all of our things (a much longer process than expected)
Gradumicate Gregory
Attend Honors Luncheon
Move out of 1 apartment
Move into 1 other apartment in Boise
Quitting 1 job (Heather), 2 jobs (Greg)
Dinner with friends every night of the week

In the Next 4 Months
New job (Heather), looking for and hopefully finding new job (Greg)
Finish honors thesis and defend it + all the other honors dealios (Greg)
Adjusting to a new city
Attending the Nelson-Smith Wedding back in Utah
Packing up and moving everything again - this time Pullman

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